Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catch-Up (or ketchup....)

So, it's been a bit. Life is really crazy with a baby who doesn't sleep very well. Hopefully we're headed for better sleep in the future. (He did sleep pretty decently the night before last, but then last night, not so much.) Of course, just when I get him sleeping again, something else will happen and I'll have to start all over. Welcome to life as a mother, hey? Anyway, we had a blast in Canada. It was so good to see family and friends from up north. I don't have as many pictures of the trip as I would have liked... I need to work on specific pictures for these trips and then make sure I get them. I don't think I have any pictures of Luke with Grandpa. I have some video, but no pictures. how did that happen? There are quite a few like that that I just can't believe I missed. Next time I will be better.

The two weeks since we've been home have been crazy. Andrew's had a lot of stuff going on at work, and Luke and I have been struggling to find a workable schedule since we've been home. First we were thrown off by the long trip and then by shots and "pre" teething. He did SO well for his vaccinations though. For which I'm glad because I was a mess sitting in the waiting room listening to other children and babies screaming as they got theirs. I couldn't decide whether I was happy or sad that this didn't yet pose a problem for Luke. I mean, it's great that he doesn't anticipate the pain, but it's also hard to not be able to explain what's going to happen to him. Anyway, it's over and it seems like he's doing okay. He's growing well and as of last Thursday he weighed 16 and a half pounds and was 26 and a half inches long. Yay Luke. I can't believe my baby is so big! He's almost five months old, which is just ridiculous.

Anyway here are a few pictures of the car ride to (and from) Canada, in no particular order. I'll try to post a few pics of the time there at some point...

Diaper changes in the car... If I recall correctly this one involved an outfit change as well.

Mmmm mmmm. Hands really are delicious!

I blow bubbles in your general direction.

Good morning! That was a good nap. Now let's play.

A nap.... and, it seems, another outfit change. He actually arrived at Gramma and Grandpa's in this one. :)

"Mom??? What are you doing?"

Our sleepy boy.

Well, that's it for now. The above sleepy boy is "helping" me type at the moment. He's getting really good at hitting the keyboard and bringing up the start menu. :) I'm off to try to get him to take a nap.


jena said...

Wow, that's how much Abe weighs! Love the pics - he is a very sweet boy.

Josiah said...

What a cute kid!! Woo hoo!

GrammaMack said...

""pre" teething." Does this mean he has his first toof?

rebecca said...

Wow... I knew he and Abe were in the same size, but that's kinda crazy!

No teeth here, but lots of preparation for them. I didn't think it was possible for this kid to drool any more than he already was.

nGogo said...

Just be glad he isn't eating ketchup while catching up on his drooling/spitting-up, then you would be doing some catch-up, washing out the ketchup.

GrammaMack said...

Ngogo: :-)
And yum, ketchup! :-)