Friday, September 12, 2008

Random pictures

Here are a few pictures of our little guy. He's doing so well. He finally rolled over from his back to his belly last week. I think he surprised himself. He rolled all the way over like a barrel roll, ending up on his tummy again. Crazy baby. Anyway, enjoy the photos!

Warning... you may think that's food on his face... yeah, it's not. Well, I guess it is in some form or other. :) He woke up from his nap and started crying and this is how I found him. He seemed pretty happy about it, though. We won't have any "real food" pictures for another month or so.

Luke loves it when his daddy gets down on the floor to play with him. They are so sweet together!

"Hey! What's up?"

Mmmmm! Dad's hand looks delicious!

Great expression!

"Hey, did you know that this thing bounces when you jump?"

Life is exhausting. He fell asleep while playing. Yesterday he fell asleep while sitting in my lap playing with a toy. All of the sudden I just felt his body go limp and he fell forward. He just plays himself into exhaustion and then crashes. He's such a sweet baby. A little high maintenance, but sweet. Maybe one day Mommy will get some cuddles...


nGogo said...

Oh, my goodness! He is sooo cute and those pictures are fantastic. He looks like he is still smiling and sleeping in the last one. Reminds me of Will as a child, playing as hard as he could and then just falling asleep in the floor. And I think his wide-eyed stare should say,"Come on mom, just one more video game, please?" I've seen that stare and heard that question a few times. ;D

samuel said...

What a cute boy. He's growing up too fast.

GrammaMack said...

I love the first one, spit-up and all, because it says so clearly, "Mom! My dear Mom! I'm so, so happy to see you--despite this goop on my face!" And that falling asleep while sitting up thing--that's totally his Mackay male genes kicking in. John was asleep on the couch over his laptop this morning...sitting up straight on the edge of the couch with just his head bent over. :-)

rebecca said...

Thanks grandmas. (and sam) you guys are sweet. He's a sweet boy and I love it when he gets excited to see me! (spit-up and all)

mKhulu said...

Just wait until he grows the requesite beard. He'll have a lot of stuff in that thing. The "goop" on the face is only practice for gravy in the facial hair. Trust me, I know.