Monday, August 18, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Wow. I was looking at some old photos this week and just can't believe how big our boy is getting. These pictures are from his first two days of outer womb life. It's just really hard to believe how small he was back then. I know I've posted some of these before, but they just made me smile so I thought I'd share again.

Luke and Daddy cuddling in the hospital.

I love this pic because you can see his little chubby cheeks!

Finally in our own hospital room, getting to know our little guy.

Wow, he looks tiny in that hospital bassinet!

"It's hard work being born. I need a nap!" (Geez, I wish he'd say that more often now... the "need a nap" part, not the "being born part.)


First family shot. (It's a picture of us you idiots, not a headline!)

The good ol' days. He simply doesn't fit like this anymore. :(

I just can't believe how tiny he was!

Profile shot, in his boxing gloves.

Daddy's first day back to work - I know I should be grateful that he had a whole week off, but seriously, it just wasn't enough!

Look at his squished little face!

He looks really little when Andrew's holding him. His hands could overlap! Now, not so much.

Again with his goofy first smiles. I love this baby!

It's just hard to believe that my little boy is already so big. Where did that baby go? We love him like crazy and it's fun to see him grow and change but I can't help but be a little bittersweet about it all. That tiny baby is now sitting beside me on the couch trying not to nod off. He keeps jerking awake like, "Hey! I don't want to sleep!" Yeah well, I wish he would!

Our Canada trip was spectacular and I hope to post a few pictures of that in a few days. It kinda messed with Lukey's sleep schedule and so I don't think I've recovered from it yet! :) He did really well though, both in the car and in meeting a BUNCH of new people. It was so good to be there.


Anonymous said...

How precious to see him so small. And amazing how he still looks the same, just stretched :D Can't wait to see him and get some snuggles.

GrammaMack said...

He sure has grown! It was fun to see these, but GrampaMack is demanding equal billing. :-)

The house still feels empty without the three of you here!

eleilia said...

I understand the bittersweetness, but I am so thankful to have pictures to help us remember. Everyone doesn't have them.

Love Ya,

mKhulu said...

Glad to have you back in cyberspace. It is amazing how they grow (babies I mean). Did I ever tell you about the time when you were just walking and you went and stood....... Well maybe another time. My baby girl grew up soooo quickly.

jena said...

Love memory lane...and I'm glad your back!

Uncle Jonny said...

They do grow up too fast. I can still remember the first time I held Camdyn like it was yesterday. We miss you guys a ton. It was so nice having my little bro and his family around. Someday someone will get this teleporting thing down pat and I'll be one of the first to own one. We've got some great photos, I'll get on emailing em to ya.

Anonymous said...

He's a stinking cute little guy. I wish they could just stay little teeny tiny sometimes.

- josiah