Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Response

So, this is my brief response to "father's" post. I thought we'd add a few happier pictures of the little man. He's too sweet. Also, I didn't realize that I put the captions above my pictures... I will spend the next few posts trying to decide whether or not I want to change that or not. For now, I'll keep with the past. :)

This is our happy little boy. It's so hard to catch his smiles without blurring them.

Such a sleepy little smile! It's too sweet when he smiles in his sleep or as he's going to sleep. I just love him!

This is one of those blurry pictures, but it's also really sweet, so I thought I'd post it anyway. He totally has a thing for sticking out his tongue when he smiles.

And here, I have NO idea what or who he's looking at, but he has such a look of adoration on his little face. This is definitely a keeper!

Anyway, those are a few shots of our little Luke. Each day brings something new. Smiles are much easier to come by these last couple of weeks (although he still has his usual frown as well). It's fun to see him developing on a daily basis, but it also makes me aware how quickly he's growing up. I already miss the "early days" and he's only eight weeks old!

I'm planning to post a few pictures of Luke's baby shower from this past Sunday at our church as well as some others. We've had a crazy couple of weeks... our car broke down, I spent the weekend in Huntington for my aunt's funeral, I got sick, Andrew's been working overtime, etc.

For now, it's off to join our sleeping (finally!) little one.


samuel said...

Cute kid. Dang.

I agree with Andrew's placement of comments, below the pic. But I am a Dad, too.

GrammaMack said...

He is just beautiful! I can't wait to see him again. And I'm looking forward to hearing about the shower. Love the monogrammed burp clothes!

jena said...

I think in that last picture he was thinking of his "aunt Jena"...haha. He is very cute and I love the updates!

gina said...

Hmmm...I'm gonna have to weigh in here and say that the caption above the pic would be my vote. I'm just sayin'. Also, your baby is so sweet. I have some pictures that I plan to send you just as soon as I slow down. We still haven't stopped from this past weekend. Kisses (to Luke) from Aunt Gina!

*HoLLi jO* said...

Oh my, Your lil Luke is growing so much!! He is such a cutie!! That smile is priceless!!! I am so glad you and him are doing well! I miss you guys!!

mKhulu said...

There is no question. The captions always go beneath the photo. I think below the last one should be written: "Baba mKhulu, what a man!"