Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mKhulu and nGogo's house

This week Andrew is in Parkersburg for training for work. :( HannOni and I are visiting Baba mKhulu and nGogo for a few days. It's been good to visit as we haven't seen much of my parents lately. Andrew's been very busy with school in the evenings and every weekend. Hopefully that will tone down at the end of February. It's nice to be spoiled by my parents for a few days.

I'm starting to think about the baby's room. I hadn't really given it too much thought, not really knowing what I wanted to do, but now I'm having several ideas that should be fairly cost effective as well. I was going to leave the room the pale green that it is now, cause I like it, but the more I think about it, the more I want to change it. I'm thinking blues and browns at the moment... I'm trying to talk Andrew into painting stripes on the bottom half of the wall, but I don't think he's very into that (not so much cause he doesn't want stripes as he doesn't want to be the one painting the stripes, I think). :) But really, with paint, curtains, and perhaps a rug, that should make a big difference. I'm starting to realize there are quite a few things that we will need that I hadn't really thought about. There are a lot of little things, and several big things. Wow.

It's crazy to think that we have so much to do in the next ten weeks. It's also crazy to think that we just have ten weeks left! Yikes. Our childbirth classes have been canceled the last two weeks due to snow. Hopefully we'll be able to meet this week, with this new weather system possibly coming.

The baby is still as crazy active as ever. He's kicking and wriggling as I type. It's still awfully neat to feel him move around, but man, he does it a lot!

Right now we're enjoying watching basketball with mKhulu. The Mountaineer women are playing Rutgers and we're ready to watch the second half. I'm trying to train him (her) young.


andrew said...

Wish I was there... Alex Trebec just showed me who is boss. :-)

I love you

GrammaMack said...

Wish I was there too! :-)

gina said...

I love your chart at the top! Very educational and informative...

Rebecca said...

Thanks! :)(It took me forever to figure out how to get it there... and then I realized that the way to do it was to ask Andrew!)