Thursday, August 12, 2010

Potty Training

We recently (at the beginning of July) began the journey to potty training (learning? what is the politically correct phrase now?). Luke is doing spectacularly with it, but it was a difficult start. However, I love the method we used (3 day potty training), but with the next kid I'm going to use it right! The first 7-10 days were really hard. But it was so worth it! I think if I had not messed up the first three days and then had to go back and start over (not to mention any "bad" habits I taught him in those first three failed, frustrating days!) it would have been much smoother. I decided on day three to buy the e-book for this method and it was a life saver. Or at least a sanity saver. :)

Here is his first finished chart (charts and stickers worked REALLY well for this kid!)

He was so proud of himself! I must admit, I was pretty proud, too. We went through four charts with 12-16 spaces for stickers and then I went to one with about 60, hoping he would lose interest after that cause I didn't want to be handing out smilies for the rest of his life! He did stop caring about a week and a half ago. He got one big sticker for his hand and a little sticker for his chart after every time he used the potty. Plus he started getting mini M&M's about a week or two into it and that helped, too.

Every time he filled up a chart he got a little toy. Here are the stamps he got for his first chart. He had a lot of fun with them. He also received a little matchbox motorcycle, and some Cars underwear. He was excited.

He's doing great and still gets a sucker for successful "number 2" completions. I suppose I shall start weaning him off of those someday soon. Or not. :) Anyway, that's part of what is going on in the Mackay household these days.


Natalie said...

Every time I get a glimmer of hope in this department something happens like last night- I'm roaming the house at 4 am and smell something foul-to find Abby has a poopy diaper and is FAST ASLEEP. Surely a kid who's ready to be potty trained wouldn't be able to stay asleep with poops in the dupes.

GrammaMack said...

Those are some sweet pictures. Well done, Luke...and Mom!