Friday, July 23, 2010

Visits with Friends

Luke was quite excited to have Uncle E.Lee and Aunt Deborah and most importantly, baby Cameron come for a brief visit last week. Luke talks about Cameron all the time and it's really sweet. They were able to stop by for a couple of hours on their way home and it was a lovely little visit.

Luke love to hold "Baby Camra." At their last visit, he could actually hold him... this time, not so much. Cameron's growing fast!

Look at this sweet face... and also the adorable fluffy cloth diaper bum!

Luke is in his element. He was so sad when they left, but so happy while they were here.

"Pwease Mama, I can hold him?"


mKhulu said...

Luke needs a little sister...or maybe a puppy.

Natalie said...

Seriously- how much more prompting do you need? He'll be a great big bro!

wvgirl said...

Cameron enjoyed his time with Luke too :-) Now he wants Luke to come visit him at the beach! (hint, hint)

Betsy said...

we've had some puppies dropped off here... i can box one up and mail it!