Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lukey Eats

Luke is eating pretty much anything we are these days (he was stealing bits of hamburger fresh from the grill a few minutes ago) and that's fun. He's a real trip. He's not yet that great at feeding himself anything other than finger foods. These photos show a little of that... :)

He was quite thrilled to get his hands on that spoon and get it right in his mouth!

He hasn't quite learned how to scoop. He mostly just taps the spoon on the bottom.

But he did get a few good bites in there.

Some closeup shots.

And Oh. My.Goodness. This last picture just made me laugh SO stinkin' hard. I don't know what is up with his expressions lately, but he's had some good ones. This one takes the cake.... er, sweet potatoes. :)

We took a video of hand and face clean up because he's just so funny. He usually cries whenever I wash his face, and giggles whenever I wash his hands. Go figure. Also, please excuse the messy background!



mKhulu said...

Is he left-handed or simply really anxious to stick that spoon in his mouth? If he is that thrilled with sweet potatoes eaten out of what looks like a cat food tin, think how excited he'll be when he gets some biscuits and gravy! Bring him over.

GrammaMack said...

I love the stealth moves, Mama. Get him giggling (such sweet giggles!), then swipe the face fast, and before he can protest much, get him giggling again. Brilliant!