Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun Outside -- Long Alert. :)

So we frequently all head out to the backyard while Andrew cooks on our grill. Luke plays, sometimes we talk to neighbors and it's just generally a good time.

Here is Luke just hanging out.

He likes to head next door and play on their driveway/lawn.

I'm pretty sure that I told him he couldn't go on their porch, or something like that.

So he went in their puddle instead. And wiped out, cause it was slippery.

He was quite unhappy with that turn of events (and I had JUST put those clean clothes on him!).

He seems to have recovered quickly. :)

The neighbors grass is way more fun than ours! (I gotta hand it to him, theirs IS way better than ours!)

Here he is playing with the neighbor, Mrs. A. He thinks she's pretty cool.

I absolutely love this picture! Once she discovered that we were teaching Luke sign language, she started talking with him and showing him some of the signs she knows. This was "Luke, look at me." Precious.

She keeps lots of jugs/buckets of water to water their flowers with. So she started pouring it on Luke's feet.

"Please, do it again!"

Happily splashing away.

It was rather sweet to see them together.

I love the look on his face here. He just kept asking for "More, please!" Made me think of, "Please, sir, may I have some more?"

So we had a great time playing and being played with. :) Neighbors are fun. Water is fun. Neighbors with water? Priceless.


GrammaMack said...

Boys to puddles--like metal to magnets. :-) Thank you for the wonderful glimpses of Luke and his social life. The one where he's angry/frustrated made me laugh out loud when I clicked on it. He wears his emotions on his face so clearly--he's a true Mackay! :-)

mKhulu said...

So now you see why I just call him "Mackay." His mother never had to sign "please." She just had to say,"Daddy." He is definitely a keeper!