Saturday, January 24, 2009

Written update

Luke is full of fun these days. He has recently decided that he really loves it when Daddy comes home and it is really cute. When I hear the door I tell Luke that "Daddy's home" and he gets this huge open mouthed grin on his face and starts kicking until Andrew gets in the room. It is precious. He has now learned to understand "daddy" in sign language and I love that. That joins the ranks of milk, mommy, more, and food, that I can think of. The only one he signs back with any consistency is more, and that's pretty darn cute. He brings an awful lot of joy to our days. And an awful lot of exhaustion.

He's still helping me unpack... we've got a lot still to unpack. But, now that we're all feeling better it's coming along much more quickly. I didn't feel up to much of anything until this week. Luke has learned to pull up in the last few weeks and has really begun to perfect it this week. He's constantly pulling up on whatever is close by (even those cabinet doors which result in a smacked hand EVERY time). It's so neat to see him learning new things. He is also teething up a storm. One of his bottom teeth is completely through now, and the other is on the verge. It seems like at least one of his top teeth is coming through. Today at Kroger he was gnawing on a bottle of marinade (I know, I know, completely unsanitary) and I happened to look down and saw blood all over the top of the bottle. It seems that he either has a slight cut on his top gum, or his tooth is coming through. I felt bad for the poor guy. Although Andrew noticed him running his tongue across his upper gums this morning... Maybe a precursor?

Anyway, I can't find the cable to connect the camera to the computer, so pictures will have to wait for now. I was embarrassed the other day when I said to Andrew that I don't think I've taken ANY pictures since we moved here. None. Not a one. So, I just missed about three weeks of my sons life, which at this age, is quite a bit. Hopefully I'll be better about that soon. For now, enjoy another written update.


GrammaMack said...

Thanks for the update, Rebecca. The pictures will only be appreciated more once we see them!
(Hoping this isn't a double posting...)

samuel said...

Words are worth a thousand pictures.

OK, maybe not.