Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Two Boys

So, this is a picture of Lukey and Daddy just hanging out. (I think they were watching tv....) This was before Andrew's surgery, back when he could still goof off on the floor with our son. I just thought they looked so sweet together. Andrew is doing much better now after a trip back to the ER after his surgery. He's feeling better now and is moving around with little trouble. It was a rough start though and I'm glad that we're past that part. Luke and I both caught nasty colds so we were all sick in some way or other. Anyway, on to the pictures.

I walked into the living room and found them like this. Too cute.

Then they noticed me.... "What are you doing Mommy?"

More to follow now that things are getting back to normal around here. I noticed that I hadn't uploaded pictures since September 28th.... Hopefully we'll get caught up soon!


GrammaMack said...

Adorable--both of them! :-) Hope you are all feeling tiptop soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rebecca, love these moments,
Aunt Deb