Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lukey Close-Ups

This is our happy little boy. He really is generally cheerful. I am glad for that because he's such a handful that if he were a grumpy handful, I don't think I'd appreciate that very much! He's learning so much about his little world right now that it's just so fun to watch. He is a great source of delight to his Mom and Dad. We love our little guy! Sorry for the fuzziness of some of the images... It's hard to get him while he's remotely still, and if the lighting is poor, then we're out of luck!

Sorry for the sizing issues on the last one... Andrew was trying to show me how to clean up some of the fuzziness and apparently we picked different sizes when we resized!


Anonymous said...

okay, now it's time for some video or youtube - I want to hear him really badly,


GrammaMack said...

I second that request! :-)

mKhulu said...

I third it.