Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three and a half weeks... Alien...Etc...

I'm sitting here watching the alien within squirm around inside my tummy. It is rather amazing that this is a living human being inside of me. Wow. A very restless one, too. The last few days he has been moving SO much, it's a little odd. Still a very wonderful feeling, but harder to do things like... well, anything, but especially sleeping. Of course, that's a problem for other reasons as well, at this point.

It's hard to believe that we only have just over three weeks left until our due date. Yikes! I'll be 37 weeks in just a couple of days. That's just hard to believe. We've been in a holding pattern for so long that it's odd to actually be at a point where he or she could come pretty much any day. Of course, it will probably still be four to five weeks, but, you know. People are still telling me every where we go that I don't look like I'll make it to the due date. I'm thinking I could be pretty ready in a couple of weeks... :) Andrew's mom's passport won't be ready until the 26th, so hopefully we'll last that long, but after that, bring it on! (Just for the record, my Dad is predicting the 27th or 28th... We'll see, I guess).

We had our 36 week checkup this week. It was fairly short and to the point. Dr. Lindley is a funny guy. At least, he makes us laugh. He was asking if we were ready for the baby and ended up telling us a funny story about his first baby. Apparently they bought paint for their nursery and his wife had to work on the weekend and he didn't. He didn't paint over the weekend and it seems that his wife thought he was rejecting their baby as a result. Lucky for Andrew, he painted with a couple of days (with some assistance from Gina Gayle) after purchasing the paint. No rejection there. But, Dr. Lindley is a sarcastic type and we generally get along well with him. We have to see a doctor after every three visits, so we usually see him when we're not seeing Carolyn.

Anyway we made several casseroles this evening, which will hopefully be helpful later on, either before or after HannOni's arrival. But now I'm exhausted and ready for sleep. So, good night.


Anonymous said...

my cousin-in-law is not an alien!!!!! Scott says that if he was born in Canada then migrated to US then he might be.

Love Ya,

GrammaMack said...

Um, Eleilia, that would make his/her dad the alien, which would mean he/she is at least half alien, no?
Can't wait to see his/her little alien self!

Rebecca said...

Well, regardless of whether or not she is an alien, she acts like one already! (Maybe Daddy's been giving her some tips?)

Eleilia- Thank SO much for the clothes, bath, etc! I just got them from Mom and Dad this weekend. Thanks for thinking of us. (Also, I had a dream last night that we had a girl... hmmmm...) Love you!


Anonymous said...

About this "alien thing", I think I have his/her heredity figured. Since he (I still use the standard masculine pronoun for either gender when the gender is unknown or unimportant to the context) is of such rich and varied lineage, I reckon he is an alien of sorts. I mean his grandfathers are both grey-bearded, fat old "windbags" and one grandmother is a Royal Canucktress, the other a Mountain Momma. That makes him a CanAmerican Hillbilly of Dutch nobility. He just may turn out to be a genuine born Mackay female- and that is a rarity. Whatever his assigned pidgeonhole category, he is of our human race and that makes him a direct descendant of Adam and Eve Smith.

Let the names begin. I still like the ever popular Hamlet John or the equally beautiful Barbara Jane. I also suffer from only a few delusions, so I will be content to call hin "boy" or her, Faye.

Pround Jibaro Granddad

jena said...

Ummm, ok so your like 38+ weeks now, I need an update!!! love ya

gina said...

I'm with Jena. It's been nearly...(okay, exactly) 2 weeks since your last post. In pregnancy years, that's a long time. Things change. People need to know what the heck is going on with HannOni. (and you of course.) Are you practicing your breathing techniques? They are going to be needed here in the not too distant future. Much love to you and yours.