Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It was so great to have Luke and Helena down for a few days. We hadn't seen them since their wedding last July. Plus, they were our first non-family guests here. Although, I'm not sure if they count as "non-family" or not. We had lots of fun... a freezing trip out to Grandview, several games of Cranium (Helena's very good with the clay!), Pit, food, laughter (mostly this was Luke and Andrew being giddy just from being together... and sometimes it was Helena and I laughing at them because we just couldn't help it because they were SO silly), and video games (again, Luke and Andrew... watch out for those hamstring injuries!), etc. It was just a good time.

We got to talk a little about the baby and it's so nice to have friends who are excited for and with us. Babies are wonderful little miracles, and we can't wait to meet this new little guy (or gal). (Also, Gina will be glad when we are no longer calling the poor kid "HannOni.") Although, our stance on girls names has been slightly shaken recently... so, we're thinking about that still. I always wondered if that would happen, since we decided on a girls name so quickly and easily. We'll see.

And, for those inquiring minds, I'm still thinking/working on a picture possibility... We'll have to see how that goes. I did realize this weekend that we really haven't been good about taking pictures during this pregnancy. We have only a few, if any, in which you can actually tell I'm pregnant. Hmmm... Okay, that's it for now.

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