Saturday, February 23, 2008

33 1/2 Weeks and Visits with Friends

So, the arrival of this baby is getting scarily close. Yikes! It's just hard to believe that April eighth is just over six weeks away. Of course, I'm still telling myself it's the 16th instead, so that I'm (hopefully) not too disappointed when I go over. Maybe we'll have a tax-day baby. Or, an end-of-March baby, which would be nice. :)

We had a checkup this last week with Carolyn, who is the midwife that we like. She said everything is going well. My blood pressure is a little high, but hopefully that will calm down by the next visit. She felt the baby and told us how he was positioned in there. That was kinda fun. But then she got the Doppler out to listen to his heartbeat and discovered that she must have scared him and given him hiccups! It was funny to both feel the hiccups and hear them on the Doppler. :) It made us smile. She did say that he's probably going to be a good size (surprise, surprise) and that I'm measuring two weeks ahead. Overall, it was a good visit. We really like her, and I wish there was a way we could know that we were going to have her there for the delivery. That would make us much more comfortable. She's not a worrier, but she does tell you when there is a problem. She said she wouldn't order an ultrasound just because the baby is probably going to be big, which I really appreciated. (I guess they offer an elective C-section if the baby is projected to be higher than a certain weight.) ANYway, I just like her. We have our next appointment on March 5th, and then after that it's every week until he (or she) arrives. Crazy.

Also, last night we met my roommate from college, along with her husband, sister, parents, and their youth group, for supper at CiCi's. They brought the kids to ski at Winterplace. It was just really good to see Deborah, as it's been a while. Plus, HannOni needed to meet his Aunt Room Frog. :) I wish I'd taken the time to get a picture, but I forgot! Hopefully we'll catch up again in July.

Okay, I'm off to make banana bread and rice and beans while Andrew works on school. I've been wanting banana bread for a long time, so I'm excited about it!

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