Sunday, March 27, 2011

Luke's Third Birthday Party!

Well, after a long hiatus, I decided to pop in to post just a few pictures of Lukey's special day. We ended up looking at baby pictures and his first birthday party... And now I'm feeling all sappy. I want to have pictures of Grace like I do of him, so I'm wanting to get back into blogging again. So, here's the start of that. I make no promises or guarantees of anything!

This year was the first year that Luke was really excited about his birthday. That made it a lot of fun for me. I was actually not planning to have a party for him, because things have been so crazy around here with pregnancy and hernia surgery, etc. But, he started asking about it and I'm so glad we decided to go ahead and have something for him. He was very excited about "his birthday party of cake" and having his "friends" come over. I think to him "friends" just means people he loves. But all day the day before and all morning the morning of, he kept asking when his friends were coming. It was annoying, but also adorable. He had fun helping me make his cake and get ready for the party. Plus, he was nearly delirious with happiness with so many children running around being crazy in this house. I think he had a really great day. We didn't actually get many good pictures, but we did get a few. Hoping my brother Josiah has a few that are good! Anyway, the order of these is all messed up, but I'm too tired to fix them.

This was Friday when we had just finished his cake. he was pretty excited about the little children peeking out of the windows... :)

Opening a few gifts. He got lots of art supplies and I am super excited about that! He's been really into paints and paper lately. It was fun to see his face light up.

Enjoying some birthday cake. I think he was more excited about looking at it than eating it, but hey, whatever!

Singing "Happy Birthday." He was enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame. Of course, a few nights ago he could be heard singing "Happy Birthday" to himself once he was in bed, including cheering for himself upon completion. He was so excited to blow out his candles that the moment people stopped singing, they were out! We didn't even get a picture.

The cake. He also realized on Saturday evening that we forgot to put the stop sign on the side of the cake and was pretty upset about that for a minute. But he quickly got over it when we started talking about how much fun it was anyway. He is a really good kid.

Just a last goofy birthday smile. He had a lovely day. I'm so glad that we did a party for him. He hasn't had it the easiest the last six-eight months and has really been a trooper. It was good for my Mommy heart to see him have a good time. It has been wonderful to watch him grow and change in the last six months. I think he's a great big brother! Can't wait to introduce him to his little sister.

Last night when I was tucking him in and we were cuddling while I told him a story, he said, "Mommy, thank you for my birthday. And thank you for my special cake." He definitely makes my heart happy! Thank you God for our almost-three-year-old!


GrammaMack said...

Well done, Mommy! One birthday down, one birth day to go. :-)

My word verification is readyls, as in, Ready, set, go! (with a typo in the last part).

Jessi said...

He's so sweet! That was a great party and a great cake. I laughed out loud about the stop many times have I had that kind of conversation with my kids? They get their hearts set on the funniest things.

mKhulu said...

"Why don't she write?"