Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Luke's motorcycle

This is the famed motorcycle that we are borrowing from a sweet aunt and uncle whose boys no longer have need of it. Luke is in love. At our church, all the slightly older kids (the 4-12 group) all bring bicycles to church and ride after the meeting. Luke was constantly asking where his bicycle was. It was heartbreaking, actually. Plus, he used to pronounce "bicycle" really oddly. It was cute. And now, he has a "bicycle." He loves it. His face lights up when he rides it. I am so thankful for it. :)

Here it is in all it's glory.

Here is the kid asking if he can ride it "rightchere?"

And, the other day I heard him crying and calling for me. When I went to rescue him, I had to get a quick picture first. He was pinned between the motorcycle and the fence. But he was pretty darn cute.

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mKhulu said...

Wonder if he could ride it down a ramp? We have such a ramp. We also have a fence to get trapped against.