Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GrammaMack and the Boys (Can Fam Part Last)

This is the last installment of our Canadian family's visit. They were all able to come and join us for our church meeting Sunday morning, and then they headed to Kentucky. It was really nice to have family there for the meeting and to watch Luke follow Papa around afterward. :)

GrammaMack, Andrew, and Luke outside of our current meeting place.

Luke and GrammaMack. I think he looks like his Uncle Will in this picture.

Good bye kisses. Luke loved waking up to play with GrammaMack (and mommy loved getting a nice shower while daddy was working... that did not involve a toddler playing in the tub at the same time).

When are all ya'll coming back?


GrammaMack said...

Well, that sure made me teary-eyed this morning! I miss you all.

Betsy said...

he sure looks like a Smith - will or other.