Thursday, June 26, 2008

Father's Day - a little late

So, this was Andrew's first Father's Day. Luke and I are awfully proud of him. He is a fabulous dad and the best husband ever. It's amazing how much having a baby changes your life. Little Luke has brought us SO much joy and also SO many sleepless nights. :) We love him. His personality is beginning to show more and more each day as he gets more communicative with his cooing. It's pretty funny/cute. I love to watch Luke and Andrew have a conversation. Luke obviously loves his dad and I get a kick out of watching his whole body smile in response to Andrew's antics. Too cute.

Andrew does such a good job taking care of us. He works very hard ALL day and then comes home and tries to help in any way he can. I appreciate his efforts so much. He was recently promoted to being branch manager which is great and it's wonderful that the "higher-ups" in his company see his worth. I'm proud of him for that. However, yesterday Luke and I went in to meet his staff there and I was even more proud of listening to them talk about my husband. He's been there less than a week and they had many glowing things to say about him. I'm glad that I married a man who knows how to appropriately handle responsibility in a kind way.

For Father's Day, one of the things Luke and I did for Andrew was frame some pictures for his new office. I need to get some recent ones of Andrew and Luke. But, for now, here are some of the ones taken to decorate Daddy's office... :) Okay, I didn't really frame this first one (or several of the others), but he's got such an angry face I thought I would share!

Luke and I love his Daddy and are so thankful for him!


GrammaMack said...

Your lovely and loving tribute makes me weepy. But you forgot to say that he's handy around the house. Now that's legit!
Can you please send me the photos of the two of you so I can print some? They are beautiful!
love to you,

gracie said...

yes, wow, you are a beautiful two-some - blue eyes and all - and an even beautifuler ? three-some
Aunt Deb

jena said...

I am so glad that Luke has a great dad (and mom)! The pictures are beautiful!

nGogo said...

I think that little fella has Mackay all over him. He used to look so much like his lovely grandmother from the great north, but I am seeing now more of his handsome grandfather from the great north..minus the beard. And he is looking in a couple of those pictures like he is saying,"Yep, I've got it made here. They're pretty much wrapped around my little straight finger." (As opposed to my crooked little finger) Not even a finger like his
Smith grandmother.
And I definitely concur about the care Luke's father has for his family. He blesses me with his love and care for my girlie. And we certainly must say that Luke really looks just like his father.

samuel said...

I think Andrew is cool.

mKhulu said...

Someone said, "A son-in-law is a man who isn't good enough for your daughter, but has the most wonderful children in the world."
Andrew goes way beyond that- he is good enough.

Betsy said...

andrew is a great guy and andrew's wife... she's pretty fantastic too by the way.

And I thought Luke might have gotten some of those expressions from his maternal grandfather. I thought I recognized that first one especially.