Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cloth Diaper Extraveganza

In all my reading at Diaper Swappers, I have come across a new blog called Life More Simply. July is cloth diaper month and there are quite a few giveaways for cloth products this month. I'm pretty excited about it and wanted to share them with you! You can enter any or all of them. Maybe it will be a good chance to for someone to try cloth. Maybe it would make a great gift.

Life More simply is hosting a cloth diaper extraveganza! Join in! This first post lists all the sponsors and dates. It is quite informative. The posts this month are nearly all centered around cloth, with lots of info on how to use cloth, benefits, comparing different brands, and other useful information. Check it out.

Go here to win a really neat diaper pail liner that you can hang. I'd really love one of these. I'm sure it would be better than the tiny trash can we're using now! :)

Go here to win a hand crocheted diaper cover! I've so been wanting to try wool covers with my new prefolds...

Go here to win Sensi-Clean detergent. I had no idea what a pain it can be to find detergent that is compatible with cloth.

Go here to win a Monkey Foot Designs wet bag! These are too cool and can be used for many things.

Go here to win a Knickernappies new one-size pocket diaper. I would love to try one of these.

Go here to win a cute pair of wool shorties from Kristy Lynn. These are for newborns and are really cute!

Go here to win a fitted diaper from Monkey Bizness. These are cute but need a cover.

Go HERE to win a FuzziBunz dipe. This is by far my favourite giveaway! I love our two FuzziBunz diapers and would love to have a red one! If you want to try cloth, this would be a great tester diaper.

Go here to win a Wahmies one-size diaper in butter yellow. These are cute but what I like best about them is they are made locally! Drybees and Wahmies are shipped and sold in Bradley, WV only minutes from where I now live!

And finally, go here to win a snappi diaper fastener. I bought my first set of prefolds and covers a few weeks ago and got a snappi to fasten them. This is a really cool little gadget! You do have to be careful, cause the teeth are sharp, but pins are sharp, too, hey? I really like ours. It makes diaper changes much quicker. I'm still getting the hang of it, but it's wonderful if you go "old school" in your cloth diapering habits. :)

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